Friday, June 13, 2008

On the fly...

Stuff's afoot and I'm really busy. When will this bankruptcy actually be over? Will it ever? If MRC has to pay $300 million on top of what they already offered it doesn't bode well. It would probably mean a higher rate of logging to pay off the debt.... sounds kind of familiar doesn't it?

Sandy Dean told me at the Warfinger that he doesn't like herbicides either but they need to use them to convert (wipe out) hardwood forests to something more profitable, namely Redwood or Douglas Fir. Funny how these companies seem to assume that in 50 years, when those new tree farms become harvestable, the wood market will be the same as it is today.

If MRC expects to be able to surf on their "green" reputation then they have another thing coming. If Julia Butterfly took over Pacific Lumber I would be just as skeptical until I saw the actual on the ground results.

While MRC's stated policy of no old-growth logging sounds cool, it is not legally binding and they could change it any day if market conditions require they do so. What's a couple decades of old-growth protection mean if it can be reversed overnight? They have so far written off the possibility of a conservation easement that would gain them millions of dollars but would legally require them to practice better forestry than their predecessors. Get with it MRC.

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