Monday, September 29, 2008

Hurwitz Out Of Humboldt Party

the title keeps changing to a hindi script on it's own...

(If you have not already been notified, we apologize for the late notice)

Our rallying cry of the last 2 decades "MAXXAM OUT OF HUMBOLDT!" has finally come to pass! You are invited to come and celebrate at what will likely be an amazing reunion!

We will gather at Cuneo Creek Horse Camp, to mark the end of this chapter and exchange stories. The Hurwitz out of Humboldt Round-up will offer live music and games, horse carriage rides, a video montage, a BBQ potluck and a display of historic images and banners from various campaigns. '

Please visit:,

or call 707.822.7711 to find out more about the event.

Hurwitz out of Humboldt! Round-up

October 4th, 2:00 pm at Cuneo Creek Horse Camp

If you've been involved in the long struggle for our ancient forests
during Maxxam / Pacific Lumber's destructive reign on the north
coast, please save the date and get involved with this event!

A loose coalition is planning an upbeat end to two decades Maxxam
Corporation's presence in our forests, our towns, and our lives.

To subscribe to the group email list, send an email
, or simply visit the Hurwitz out
of Humboldt Google Group page.
(We will not overwhelm your inbox.)


Sawyer 707.834.6174
Kerul Dyer 707.822.7711
Karen Pickett 510.548.3113


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