Friday, February 23, 2007

PL Management Making a Killing

In a fashion typical of Maxxam owned Pacific Lumber, the big bosses are raking in the cash while so many others they have laid off or owe money to are struggling just to get by. Apparently the $10,000 a month salary limit imposed by the bankruptcy court was simply not enough money for the greedy overseers.

"On Thursday, Maxxam bankruptcy attorney Harlin C. Womble (of Jordan, Hyden, Womble, Culbreth & Holzer, Corpus Christi) made a plea to the court -- please, he asked Judge Richard S. Schmidt, please lift the $10,000 per month salary cap you have imposed on Pacific Lumber employees while the bankruptcy proceedings are underway. Not in every case, mind you -- just in the case of Palco CEO George O'Brien, Vice President Gary Clark and General Counsel Frank Bacik." -Hank Sims, North Coast Journal.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hurwitz Detained at Eureka/Arcata Airport

The other local bloggers and Driscoll are all over this.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

New SPI Logging Plan In Yager/Owl Creek 426 acres.

SPI brings another logging plan into the mix with their new Timber Harvest Plan "North Redwood House THP". This plan is located off of Redwood House Road in the mountains east of Bridgeville. There are units next to Bootjack Prarie near Owl Creek grove, one of the Headwaters groves purchased by the State Parks System. There appears to be areas of un-entered forest in some of the units.

Plan Details-

Main Concerns

Use of clearcutting and "Rehab" ( a euphamism for clearcutting)

Herbicide use likely in Clearcut and "Rehab" areas.

Red tree voles nest signs present (resin ducts) in unit 9d at four way road construction and 16a clearcut unit.
Both trees to be removed.

'Tractor Yarding"- Bulldozers dragging fallen trees to the log decks.

Other Issues

The company makes no direct assessment of conifer species present.

The plan document states that there plan area contains "decadent and deformed trees of value to wildlife". This often means large old trees with gnarly branches and non-uniform trunks.

Tree species seen first hand during brief visit- Douglas Fir, Tanoak, Liveoak?, Madrone.

Ground based yarding, cable and tractor, skidder, feller buncher

131 acres of clearctting

70 acres of rehab (clearcutting and herbicide use to remove hardwoods)

160 acres seed tree removal

55 acres selection

total 425 acres

Units adjacent to Bootjack Prarie in the Owl Creek drainage. Upper headwaters of Yager Creek.

Public Comment
You can send comment letters on this logging plan (#1-07-021) to California Department of Forestry at;


California Department of Forestry
attn. forest practice
135 Ridgeway Ave.
Santa Rosa, Ca. 9540

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