Friday, February 09, 2007

Marbled Murrelets Declining Across Entire Pacific North West

The U.S. Geological Service has reported that Marbled Murrelets, an endangered seabird, are facing population decline throughout thier range. This flies in the face of many in the logging industry who contend that extinction on the north coast of California is acceptable because there are more birds in Canada and Alaska.

Last year the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed to reduce protected habitat for the birds by 94%. This would bring it down from 3.9 million acres down to 221,692 acres.

A combination of logging, gillnetting, oilspills, and climate related collapse in the ocean food chain have severly decreased the survival rates of these birds. The M. Murrelets in northern California differ somewhat from the M. Murrelets in the far north. In California the birds nest exclusively in large old trees but some populations farther north nest in rock cavities.

To download the USGS report visit this site.

Fired PL Worker Speaks His Mind

A remarkably good article by Hank Sims portrays Maxxam's rip-off of this county from the eyes of a former employee.

Last week, he said, he was called to an exit interview at PL headquarters in Scotia, where he was given the expected news. From here on, he was on his own. There would be no severance package. All the good press last month, all the commendations that the company had received for taking care of its people -- it was all bullshit from the beginning, he figured, and they must have known it was bullshit at the time.

"Those fuckers knew," he said to me. "They knew. Maybe not the rank-and-file workers, but people like Mr. O'Brien [Pacific Lumber's president]. And if he didn't know, he's not any good at his job."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just how bad is the biodiversity extinction crisis?

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PL Bankruptcy Trial to Move to Oakland?

As reported in the Eureka Distorter, the California Attorney Generals office is trying to get a change of venue. In a clearly strategic move, Charles Hurwitz created Scotia Development LLC and based it in Corpus Christi very near to the courthouse so that the fight would be on his home turf. The AG says thats not cool and that the court proceedings need to be in California where the majority of interested parties are.

Some interesting paragraphs from the article-

Following a review of the pleadings filed in this case, the Attorney General’s Office’s indicated that Scotia Development has no significant business activity or purpose and was created to provide PALCO’s affiliate companies with “a hook” to file in the Texas court rather than in California.

“The debtor’s actions in manufacturing venue constitutes bad faith and blatant forum shopping, which should not be countenanced by this court,” the court filing states. “Allowing venue to remain in this court will undermine the integrity of the bankruptcy laws and impose severe burdens on creditors and other parties in interest to assert and protect their claims against these debtors.”

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