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Pacific Lumber (or Scopac) Urging Activists to go after Sierra Pacific and Green Diamond?

Reported by blogger "Forest Defender".Link

Darn it, and I was having fun with the guy. I noticed right away the correspondence between "Marin Dan" comments and the more frequent visits from a Pacific Lumber ISP address. I was keeping a lid on it hoping he would say something even dumber. Here's one example from early on. (scroll down for the main points.)

Marin Dan said...
I just laugh at the fact that the peace loving activist like to pick on the little boy [PALCO] when there are huge companies having their way with the forests. Some companies I see record more acres harvested than PALCO owns on all of its lands. It is as if they logged all of PALCO every year. Anyone Anyone???? Do these companies have a habitat conservation plan? NO! Do they harvest with as many set asides? NO! As a teacher we try and teach students to analyze the facts and make proper deductions from them. This does not seem to be happening here. Or, maybe it is the fact that PALCO is just a short bus ride from Arcata? No pun intended about the short bus.

Mercy mercy mercy, you have them where you want them! However, I hope someone like Sierra Pacific Industries buys them out so everyone can see just what it means to have liquidation harvesting. Hell, Sierra Pacific Industries has another mill right there to help mill it all up for your house and deck. Maybe Weyerhaeuser can show California how it is really done. MAXXAM has owned the company for over 20 years. That’s not liquidation harvesting, or do they just suck at it? No you cannot take credit for it forest defenders because so far I do not see you have been too successful. It looks like you need more credibility before you can persevere.

Maybe you all were not thinking about this during the “lets save a tree era” but the real possibility is that a large company will take over and liquidate the forests to pay for the “PALCO” they just purchased. Isn’t that what Sierra Pacific has done several times in the past? Isn’t that what happened to Arcata Redwood Company by Simpson?

Do I want to see that happen? NO! But, I am also willing to see it happen on that small 200,000 acres so you all will open your shut eyes and take a look at these other people who do way worse on way more acres. Hell, some of them own a million plus acres and we hear nothing but a little dribble about there harvest. OOOOOOH!
The forest defenders wrote an article about the Wind Mill THP that is near the ocean on Sierra Pacific Industries land. Am I mistaken or shouldn’t there be a dozen or more tree sitters in that plan? Shouldn’t they have gone to it when it was first thought marbled murrelets might be living there by the wildlife guys? Where is your direct action groups and why haven’t they stopped the logging of the individual old growth trees that are not in areas awaiting release? Isn’t that what goes on with PALCO harvest permits? My understand from your article and another is that some places they started logging, including “one log loads” of old growth and other areas are even better that surveys are being done on. Shouldn’t you be climbing and not writing or is that someone else’s job?

I do not understand. It seems hypocritical to focus on one company and not the issues when you claim is that it’s about the environment (again, one issue, even if complex). Really, the environment? I dot not think so! See it is about PALCO, or you would have as much direct action and protest at the Anderson office of Sierra Pacific, as you have at the Scotia office of PALCO. Hey, what about the old growth sugar pine being cut by the companies to the east? Why haven’t you protested its harvest? Why not focus on landowners without habitat conservation plans geared directly towards their lands? Too many questions about your real motives here.

I recently heard a representative of two conservation groups (TNC included) report that the redwoods are some of the most protected ecosystems in the US and they were turning their attention away from conservation of redwoods and towards more deserving ecosystems in peril. If that’s the case, then why all the fuss on PALCO permits? They actually have mini-reserves of old growth on their lands already. To say it is a MAXXAM issue is crap. Yeah, MAXXAM owns them and they have for over 20 years. Get over it! The owners of Green Diamond are in Washington and no it isn’t a family business!

What about Green Scam (Green Diamond) and the clear cut harvest of the Klamath? That place is amazing and I see little if any complaint about what they do. Most of their clear cuts are at the limit of the rules or over with a special excuse for why they have to cut more than what is allowed. Are you in those trees? Why not?

In one conversation you tell me PALCO has screwed the world, and in another I am told they have the last unscrewed land and no focus is on the other timber companies because there is nothing to save there. Come on! Do you buddies even believe you when you say that? Green Diamond has nothing to save? They own the old Arcata Redwood! Yeah, I have been doing a lot of research on this because I get tired of lies. Sierra Pacific Industries has nothing to save locally! I got to see some of their clear cuts while touring PALCO. What a shame. Those big stumps must have been not worthy of your attention. I think the plan I saw was all old growth they logged. There wasn’t a stump smaller than a meter across as we drove by, same with Green Diamond in the Klamath.

Shame shame shame on you all! I guess those trees are too far from home to save?

I had to delete my last post just because it wasn’t strong enough. These are my feelings and I expect no one else to share them, but I also see nothing reported here or elsewhere that would require or prompt me to change my views on this issue. I hate hypocrites that hide behind a cause and hide behind a lie for another less attractive agenda item. Sorry if I offend anyone. It really is not my intention to do so.

8/08/2007 11:39:00 AM


At 9/24/2007 07:26:00 AM, Anonymous Bolithio said...

I posted on the other blog about this - but I might as well do it here as well. Look, I think it is a shame that it even matters if homeboy works at PALCO or not. I seriouly doubt that there is an executive desicion for one of their empoyies to troll activism blogs.

No - I actually think that it makes more sense that this person is unilaterally taking part in the discussion - and that is(was) a good thing. You have all read my opinions - and believe me I am not the sole voice for the timber industry - Im just one guy.

Marin Dan - who strikes me as a forestry student - was just voicing his opinion. If he works for PALCO now big deal. Remeber its MAXXAM we dont like - not PALCO or it employees, right?

At 9/24/2007 12:56:00 PM, Blogger HUMBOLDT FOREST DEFENSE said...

Right, and I feel a loss to the balance that was from both sides of this argument. It is hard enough to argue these things in person, the reason for blogging! The absence of identities is what makes these blogs fun and interesting. I believe I mentioned this in the blog after the cat was out of the bag.

At 9/24/2007 01:18:00 PM, Blogger Forest Defender said...

Bolitiio, you say up front that you work in the Humboldt timber industry.You can't see the difference with Marin Dan claiming to be a retired teacher in Marin? The discussion would be more productive if some people were not so dishonest and concealing their vested interest or connections.

At 9/24/2007 02:02:00 PM, Anonymous Bolithio said...

Perhaps - yet some people may like to stay anonymous. While I personally have no fear for labels, others might not want to be associated with PALCO in this discussion. That makes sense, considering none of us would be able to resist attaching our own predetermined judgments on a PALCO employee. Human Nature. Just as a logger would assume things about an "activist".

It is also completely possible that he was both - a retired teacher and a PALCO employee...

Too bad he isn't around anymore to speak for himself.

At 9/24/2007 04:52:00 PM, Blogger John Doe #86 said...

I think it was a mistake to reveal that Marin Dan was posting from a Pacific Lumber IP address. That said, the juvenile attitude was very reminiscent of someone in upper management at Scopac that I have personally interacted with.

The only thing we are certain of was that his visits were registering on the visitor trackers as Pacific Lumber.

It's one thing to be anonymous, it's another to claim that you are someone who you are not.

Either Dan is a retired teacher from Marin and now works at a business that is not Pacific Lumber but has a Pacific Lumber IP address, or "Marin Dan" is lying.

I doubt that we have seen the last of that character.


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