Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spotted Owl Under Attack By Feds

[Recieved this message from EPIC. Think Spotted Owl protection is a worn out issue? Well thats what Bush and the timber industry will be hoping for when they try to pull this one over on the public. This isn't just about about the Owls, it's about every creature that relies on the forest for it's existance including many humans. Love it or leave it.]

Urgent Request
The Northern Spotted Owl and its forest habitat need your help!

On May 23 in Redding, we will have our chance to weigh in at the only public hearing in California on the just-released Northern Spotted Owl "Recovery Plan."

Like so much of the Bush Administration's environmental policy, the owl Recovery Plan is a deeply flawed document that flies in the face of the best available science. The Bush Administration has seriously distorted the planning process to produce a document that will justify weakening protections for the owl and its ancient forest habitat.

It’s not over for the Northern Spotted Owl and the hundreds of other species that depend on old forests. But if we let politics trump science, it could be.

We need folks to testify and witness for the owl and science-based decision-making.
We will provide talking points, buttons and signs.

The hearing will be held from 6:30 to 9 PM Wednesday, May 23 @

Redding Convention Center
700 Auditorium Drive
Redding, CA 96001

To RSVP (not necessary, but helpful to organizers), please contact Scott Greacen, EPIC, 707-476-8340; scott@wildcalifornia.org

Key points:

1) The Bush Administration and timber industry want to weaken habitat protections to increase logging in the forests that are home to the Northern Spotted Owl.

2) The draft Recovery Plan threatens to do away with the habitat reserves that are the backbone of conservation for the owl and many other species that depend on ancient forests.

3) Inappropriate interference from political appointees threatens the integrity of US environmental policy and the future of our children's heritage.


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