Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dan Hughes

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Almost two decades ago Dan Hughes, a faller with Fletcher Challenge, put down his chainsaw and refused to cut the majestic Douglas firs and huge grand firs in the picturesque grove beside the Koksilah River.
"We looked around and said 'boy, isn't this a beautiful stand of fir,'" said Hughes, remembering the start of the battle with his employer in May 1989.

"It's more beautiful than Goldstream and we thought if the company could put a little to one side, people could enjoy it."

The highly publicized fight to save the trees by Hughes and three logger colleagues ended with Fletcher Challenge agreeing to set aside the area as land reserve.

But yesterday, returning to the area off the Renfrew logging road near Kampoor Hill for the first time in years, Hughes is wondering if the battle is about to start all over again. read more.


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