Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Surveys Required In 94 Acres Of Oldgrowth Already Approved For Logging

Wildlife surveyors working for the proposed Shell wind energy project have recently been looking for Marbeld Murrelets in the Bear River ridge area of Cape Mendocino, north of Petrolia, Ca. To do this they use portable radars. They found many more Murrelets at the mouth of Bear River than had been reported in 1994 after widespread audio/visual (AV) surveys at that time. Apparently Sierrra Pacific Industries was relying on these same surveys from 1994 to claim that there where no Murrelets using the forests in Davis Creek where much of thier "Windmill" logging plan is located.

The Department of Fish and Game now says that 87 acres of forest needs to be surveyed for Marbled Murrelets who are rapidly approaching extinction due to loss of habitat and food. These stands are in logging units numbered 08-88 and 08-90.

7 acres needs surveying of a Golden Eagle nest that has already been located. Unit number 08-91.

This plan has already been approved for logging and operations are currently underway. Will SPI go ahead and log, or will they wait the usual 2 years that are required for the Murrelet surveys to be completed?

We shall see...


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