Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sierra Pacific Industries

Yesterday was the "Day of Action" called for by ForestEthics. The goal- to expose SPI's clearcutting policies to the public. In Humboldt County SPI is currently logging Oldgrowth stands in Bear River and Davis Creek. The company also has newer proposed logging plans in Humboldt that include clearcutting, oldgrowth logging and herbicide spraying.

Apparently SPI claims that the PL bankruptcy has caused activists to shift focus away from PL to SPI.

From Capital Press-

"(Mark) Pawlicki (director of governmental affairs for SPI) said with the recent bankruptcy filing by Pacific Lumber Company, anti-logging activists have shifted their sights to SPI"

Not true.

Even before the bankruptcy many local eyes were focused on the "Windmill" logging plan in Bear River and Davis Creek as well as the "Shower Head" logging plan in Mad River. Both plans contain egregious practices including Oldgrowth logging, Clearcutting and Herbicide Spraying. Both plans have also faced exceptional difficulty and delays getting approved by regulatory agencies for logging. The "Shower Head" logging plan has not yet been approved and has so far failed to pass second review at least 4 times due to agency concerns over herbicides and rare plants.

(Coincidence or not, the proposed site for Shell windmill construction on Bear River Ridge is very near to the "Windmill" logging plan.)

From Press Release -

San Francisco – ForestEthics launched a new campaign on Friday the 13th by re-enacting a real life horror story: the destruction of the forests of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains by Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI). “Sierra Chainsaw Massacre” demonstrations, featuring chainsaw-wielding activists in hockey masks, were held across California, coinciding with the launch of a new campaign site,

SPI is the largest private landowner in the Sierra Nevada--and the single greatest destroyer of its forests. They’ve clearcut hundreds of thousands of acres of both public and private land, and they have plans to clearcut over a million more--an area eight times the size of Lake Tahoe.

“Destroying forests isn’t good for people, businesses, or the environment,” said Casey Harrell, Director of ForestEthics’ Sierra Campaign. “Even though sustainable logging approaches exist, SPI is recklessly clearcutting the forests of the Sierra Nevada, single-handedly ruining one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.”



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