Saturday, April 14, 2007

Marbled Murrelets In SPI's "Windmill" Logging Plan?

As log trucks roll down the 101 carrying one log loads out of the "Windmill" logging plan, the ever-languid California Dept. of Fish and Game is only now negotiating with SPI to do Marbled Murrelet (MaMu) surveys in the logging area. DFG thinks that three of the units of the logging plan on Bear River Ridge and Branstetter Ridge contain M. Murrelet habitat and they want to use radar among other things to assess the situation.

Great, but what took you so long DFG? This plan was under review for about four years and there was no mention of this habitat until recently. Word has it that DFG's protocol requires two years of surveying to produce accurate results.

We are watching M. Murrelets go extinct as their remaining Oldgrowth forest habitat is rapidly logged or degraded by park visitors, and their ocean food sources dwindle. Can this be reversed? If so, what will it take?


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