Saturday, April 07, 2007

Judge Rules in Favor of Maxxam/PL

I can't believe the judge went for that pile of B.S. . PL/Scopac's arguement that the trees aren't part of the realestate, that they are personal property. When someone defaults on thier house mortgage do they cut the shrubs and take them with? You may have the house but the portion of grass above the soil is ours. Maybe the judge was impressed by the jargon and techno-babble.

No formal ruling on where the trial will be held but it's looking like Corpus Christi is already the venue by default.

In a filibuster-like maneuver Scopac attorneys called several Scopac employees to the witness stand to speak for hours about the minutiae of their jobs.

One of these was Mike Miles, a Scopac forester who explained the aspects of his role from maintaining forest health (good one) to the residual oldgrowth logging plan he named "Magnum Opus". It was kind of like asking the head janitor what type of window cleaner he/she prefers and how they fold the sheets in order to prove that they generate revenue for a hotel.

Strategically speaking, the Noteholders should take note of this maneuver as it is a typical tactic of PL/Scopac. Maybe next time bring in your own witnesses so that PL can't dominate the discussion for the majority of the hearing. Just an idea.

More @ Humboldt Herald.


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