Friday, April 20, 2007

Google Earth On Mattole Wildlands Blog- See Mattole Oldgrowth and the proposed Bear River Windmills.

Now on the Mattole Wildlands Defense blog you can download KML/KMZ files for viewing on Google Earth and Google Maps. Look in the left column for files.

Of particular interest to many in Humboldt is a KMZ showing the locations of the windmills proposed by local ranchers and Shell WindEnergy on Bear River Ridge. Above is a screenshot from google earth showing the windmill sites.

Another new feature on the blog is an interactive map from google maps that is centered on Long Ridge in the North Fork Mattole. Though centered in the Mattole you can use this map to view any location on earth at varying scales from a single tree to an entire continent.

Also provided are points of interest on the North Fork Mattole River where Pacific Lumber is planning to log more of the remaining 2,000 acres of Oldgrowth forest. In order to accomplish this they first need to weaken the legal protections for streams. They are working on this through what they call a "watershed analysis" where there are collecting data in the hopes that they can show that its safe to log closer to creeks than has been allowed. This document may be published this summer but its already been way over a year since thier first projected completion of the document.

If they do this it will further damage the already impaired Mattole River and threaten the drastically reduced salmon populations. Additionally it could mean carcinogenic herbicide wil be sprayed closer to creeks than previously. What they will actually try and get away with we have to wait and see when they publish their "watershed analysis".


At 4/20/2007 05:57:00 PM, Blogger Hank Sims said...

Nice work, Mattole Wildlands Defense! I love me some KML.


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