Monday, March 12, 2007

Some Reasons Why SPI's "Redwood House" Logging Plan In Yager Creek Was Returned

As previously reported here, Sierra Pacific Industries 425 acre logging plan in Owl Creek and Yager Creek (#1-07-021-HUM) has been "returned". There were major flaws in the plan that made it unacceptable to the usually lax California Dept. of Forestry.

Some of the flaws and inadequacies found by CDF;

1. Lack of current Archeological assesment of much of the THP (timber harvest plan) area.
2. Inadequate disclosure on the possible use of herbicides following logging.
3. Unclear mapping of property lines.
4. Unclear proposed skid trail mapping.(skid trail=tractor road for dragging logs)
5. Discrepencies in logging unit sizes ranging from 1 to 4 acres. Maps don't match with tables.
6. Unclear silviculture maps. (silviculture=logging method.)
7. THP units are difficult to discern on the Northern Spotted Owl maps.
8. Plan is unclear on how many large trees (green culls), and snags will be left or cut. Plan states that some snags may be harvested.


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