Sunday, March 18, 2007

Marbled Murrelet Virtually Indistinguishable From Rubber Ducky

Can't see the resemblence? Well the Associated Press sure can!

From the AP:"A lawsuit challenging federal protection for marbled murrelets in Washington, Oregon and Northern California has been filed by a timber industry group (the American Forest Resource Council) , the latest legal maneuver over the rubber ducky-like coastal seabird."

[Rubber ducky-like... maybe because they both float?]

"In order for (Fish and Wildlife) to go forward with delisting, they would have to go contrary to their science... The reality is that the murrelets' numbers are in steep decline in the area covered in the northwest forests. They're likely to become extinct in northern California in two decades. We're talking about a species that needs federal protection and not the logging the AFRC would like to see."- Patti Goldman, Earthjustice Attorney

"In 2002 the association sued to force a review of their status. Two years later the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found there had been no change in the three states but also determined that the two populations were not distinct and proposed a thorough review of murrelet populations throughout the bird's range.

The Bush administration then recommended ending protection for the marbled murrelet, and the lawsuit is aimed at making that happen.

Meanwhile, the government eliminated 94 percent of the previously designated protected marbled murrelet habitat in the three states.

Last month a U.S. Geological survey done at the request of the Fish and Wildlife Service, the first comprehensive review of population studies in Alaska and British Columbia, found an overall marbled murrelet decline of about 70 percent over the last 25 years."- Associated Press


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