Thursday, March 08, 2007


60 People Occupied Hsu Presidents Office for an Hour Today. Many wore shirts that said "Stop Academic Cultural & Spiritual Genocide", "Support Native American and Ethnic Studies" and "No More Cuts!" . Eureka Reporter Coverage

PL Bankruptcy Change of Venue Debated in Court.
North Coast Journal

Maxxam's Britt Lumber Company Fires a Quarter of It's Workers, Dubiously Claims Layoffs are Unrelated to the Bankruptcy

SPI's Owl Creek/Yager Creek Logging Plan Returned To Sender.
Sierra Pacific Industries "Redwood House THP" #1-07-021-HUM has been returned by California Dept. of Forestry. This usually means that plan will have to be drastically changed before CDF will consider it further. This 425 acre logging plan includes cutting of Oldgrowth Douglas Fir and 201 acres of clearctting/rehab that will be followed by herbicide spraying.


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