Monday, March 26, 2007

April 13th Day Of Action Against Sierra Pacific Industries

From Forest Ethics website:
"On April 13, we’re launching the first major action in our public campaign against SPI. Our “Sierra Chainsaw Massacre” Day of Action will expose SPI’s destructive practices."

Locally, SPI is a large contributer in the destruction of Oldgrowth forests. The company is currently logging 129 acres of Oldgrowth Douglas Fir forest in Davis Creek and Bear River, near the coastal town of Petrolia, Ca. They have two more logging plans being reviewed and one that was rejected but will likely be revised and re-filed at some point.

SPIs first mill is in Manila, and is still operating right now. They are bringing the giant logs there from Davis Creek. Trucks delivering one-log loads have been reported by several eye witnesses (no pictures taken).

The company makes widespread use of clearcutting, usually followed by spraying cancer causing herbicide .

Stay Tuned.


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