Friday, February 02, 2007

SPI Now Logging Ancient Forest In Davis Creek, "Windmill" THP

Sierra Pacific Industries has begun logging in Davis Creek and Bear River. The forest of Davis Creek, a small coastal watershed, has been hammered by SPI in the past few decades and now they are going after 402 acres of Douglas Fir, including 129 acres of remnant stands of ancient forest.

"Start-Up" was filed on Jan. 3rd. Their winter operations requirements mandate that they can only cut one unit at a time rather than simultaneously. Watch out for log trucks carrying huge loads on the Wildcat road between Ferndale and Petrolia.

The land used to be public under the Bureau of Land Management but was sold to SPI in the 1970's. SPI then ravaged the pristine forests leading to widespread landsliding and habitat loss.

This story was passed along through word of mouth. In the late 80's or early 90's there was an earthquake that rocked the hillsides of this area. Logging was going full boom. The loggers watched as dust clouds rose from the numerous landslides that were triggered. If the large trees had been left untouched, the damage to the watershed would have likely been much less severe .

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