Thursday, January 25, 2007

T-S Doesn't Get It.

The Times-Standards editorial about PL in yesterdays paper seems pretty accurate exept for some ignorant assertions,

"After all, Palco is rich in one aspect: It owns 210,000 acres of prime timberland."

Prime Timberland?!!

What about the thousands of acres of clearcuts and damaged soils? What about the deteriorating road systems that dump sediment in to the creeks? What about the thousands upon thousands of gallons of diesel fuel mixed with herbicides that have been sprayed on clearcuts and "rehab" areas? What about the many landslides and the hills that threaten to slip if they are logged?

"Prime" implies top quality, peak of productivity and lucrative. Most of this land is anything but.

Another sentence reads, "Even if you're not directly connected to Palco, remember that the company pays a million dollars a year in taxes to this county -- not to mention that it has a positive impact on the general economy, even in its weakened condition."

And how much have they cost us?

Increased flooding, landslides, destroyed houses and ruined lives. The loss of majestic Oldgrowth Redwood forests that will take thousands of year to come back(,if ever, thanks to accelerated climate change). Devestated salmon runs, a species on the brink of extinction. A deeply politically divided population. The rip-off of many things that once made this county "Prime".

It's true that many people in Humboldt will be happy if Hurwitz is given the boot in the bankruptcy process. There are no assurances at this point, however, that the next person to take the reins would be any better for the environment or the workers. We'll just have to wait and see.

Just saw this link on Eric Kirk's blog.

SF Chronicle Slams Hurwitz


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