Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Statement From the Mattole Campaign

Mattole Wildlands Defense in support of the Trees Foundation.

We are opposed to the lawsuit brought against the Trees Foundation by Katheryn Miller and publicized by Shunka’s office (NCEF! Media).

We believe that the accusations of fraud against the Trees Foundation are false. Over the past several years North Coast Earth First! has practically disintegrated and in it’s place several autonomous direct action groups have formed including Mattole Wildlands Defense.

The Trees foundation assists MWD in our media and outreach efforts. Through our association with the Trees Foundation they have proven to be a trustworthy organization.

Monday, October 16, 2006

"Shower Head" Logging Plan Update

For the third time this logging plan will once again go to what CDF ( california dept. of forestry) calls "second review" on thursday.

Mattole Old-Growth

Above is an example of one of the many old-growth Douglas Firs holding up the steep and unstable hillsides of the North Fork Mattole Drainage. This tree is located in a streamside buffer zone. There are over 2,000 acres of this forest remaining in Pacific Lumbers holdings in the NF Mattole, much of it within buffer zones. This is exactly the type of forest that Pacific Lumber hopes to unlock from environmental protection through their "Watershed Analysis". The company will likely submit a draft of the analysis and proposed changes in regulations sometime this winter or next spring. This will be followed by a period of public comment on the document. Updates on this will continue as events unfold.

Overlooking the Alwardt and Rodgers creek area of the North Fork Mattole River. In the background grasslands sweep across the southern slopes of Taylor Peak.

pictures courtesy of Mattole Wildlands Defenders.

In Support Of The Trees Foundation

The Trees Foundation is a highly respected non-profit organization that supports widespread efforts to protect the eco-systems and natural heritage of this region. It is shameful, but not shocking, that Shunka Wakan and Katheryn Miller have mounted an assault against this group through a lawsuit alleging misappropriation of funds. It seems clear to me that Shunkas motivation is one of revenge after his links to financial support from this organization were severed.

As the resident hermit crab occupying the shell of the late North Coast Earth First!, Shunka's actions are a disservice to the greater struggle for forest protection in this county.

The Trees Foundation is a pillar of this community and deserves to be treated as such.

Update on Sierra Pacific's "Shower Head" Old Growth Logging Plan

This logging plan was shot down for a second time when it went to second review at Fortuna CDF. This time the pivotal concern was about rare plants. The details remain unclear to me but hopefully I can elaborate on this soon. The plan area is located near Bridgeville, Ca.
click here for more info. on this plan

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