Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mattole Defendants, Frank Bacik and the Eureka Reporter

Re: the Eureka Reporters distorted article on the Mattole Defenders vs. Pacific Lumber civil trial. This is Frank Baciks debut as the newest PL spinmiester.

To clarify, the "Mattole Free State" was an Old Growth forest area under protection by non-violent blockaders. The blockades impeded all vehicle traffic including surveyor trucks. There was never any physical danger posed to surveyors or other employees. Over 2,000 acres of this forest remains.

The Fish and Game trackers were sent in to mop up the protestors who remained after the blockades were removed by Sheriffs and PL. This was because the biological surveys that were being blocked were mandated by Fish and Game. The behavior Bacik describes as "lurking" was actually active monitoring of the situation at a safe distance.

No women surveyors were ever in any danger from protestors. On the contrary, protestors were facing an increase in violent behavior from logging employees. During this time period a logging employee free climbed up a tree and assaulted a female protester who was stopping logging. He took out a knife and began to slice her clothes apart to. Another protester was in a tree nearby with a security guard at the base. The gaurd placed a water bottle against the tree and repeatedly fired a gun at it.

On another note, maybe activists can take the Eureka Reporters article as a lesson on the use of sound bytes and the need for having a clear and to the point message. Biased newspapers like the Reporter will often use the worst out of all your statements.

One more thing, Frank Bacik is a liar...


At 9/23/2006 12:15:00 AM, Blogger noel adamson said...

For all of their faults as a blatant propaganda rag there is sometimes a bit of un-censored truth in the Eureka Reporter and that is on the "opinion" page. I encourage one and all to send a letter to them.

I concur with the recommendation of using short sentences of monosyllabic words, AKA "sound bytes".

The childish "rubber/glue" strategy has always been used by characters of low moral stature. You know the childish chant "I'm rubber, you're glue; Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you". That these violent people would freely harass and attack protesters and then reverse the facts is "par for the course", "business as usual" and "just the way it goes". It is not ironic that their mentality so closely resembles that of Paul Reubins' character Pee Wee Herman (sound byte in as much as he is someone even now being targeted by the fascist state and their pseudo-christian zealot followers in their attempt to equate homosexuality with pedophillia.

One thing that is made clear by their activities is that they can not win with facts, morality and logic and I think this simple fact is not repeated often, loud enough or in simple enough terms.


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