Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pacific Lumber Has New V.P.

Pacific Lumber (PALCO) has hired Frank Bacik to be the new number 2. He's a Ukiah based lawyer with a reputation for unscrupulous behavior in defense of environmental criminals.

Here's an excerpt from an article by the - Humboldt Watershed Council detailing some of his involvement in a lawsuit against the Regional Water Quality Board. Pacific Lumber and the shady group called the "Owners" were trying to forcibly reinstate PL's logging pemits in the heavily damaged Freshwater Creek and Elk River watersheds:

PALCO is joined in this and two other suits against the Regional Water Board by a group calling themselves the “Owners”. The group has repeatedly claimed that they are not affiliated with PALCO, though their attorney, Frank Bacik, is a long-time attorney for the company. Previous legal filings for the group have come from Scotia Pacific’s offices in Scotia, and Bacik has refused to divulge who actually pays his bills. At Thursday’s hearing, Bacik at times spoke as if he was representing PALCO openly, saying “We have been at this for 6 years,” though the “Owners” did not form until last April.

More on this story at Humboldt Herald.


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