Thursday, June 29, 2006

When All Else Fails...

Mattole Blockade, Winter 2000

1,000 Board Feet of Douglas Fir= $450
A Healthy Future= Priceless

Over 2,000 acres, more than two thirds of the threatened Old Growth remains in the Maxxam holdings of the Mattole Watershed. This is thanks to years of community organizing, legal action and when all else failed, Direct Action!

North Fork Mattole (most of the brown areas are praries not clear cuts

Last Resort for Davis Creek

Approval of this plan could happen in 14 days. Logging can start at any point once a plan is approved. Crews of dedicated people numbering 20 or more taking Nonviolent Direct Action would have a good chance at stopping some of this logging and would definitly give SPI a run for thier money. Even one such crew, the likes of which have not been seen for years, could have a huge impact.

Want to get involved? Contact SAF:

stay tuned for updates on Windmill/ Davis Creek.

Davis Creek.

The clear cut in the above picture in Davis Creek is the same cut seen below on the right center.

Why didn't I outline the units this time? Wherever you see big dark groves on the overhead view of davis creek, thats what Sierra Pacific is going after. This is just a small area of the proposed logging plan.


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