Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Grandfathered" Plans Require New Waste Discharge Permits

A "grandfathered" Timber Harvest Plan (THP) is a plan where logging was allowed under a waste discharge permit in the past, logging began and then was stopped when PL needed more adequate permits in Freshwater and Elk to address increased flooding.

In other words, it is a THP where logging has not been completed and is currently not permitted.

This applies to two classes of THPs:
1) THPs that were once covered, logging began and then was stopped by the water board. It was stopped (stayed) because Freshwater and Elk needed watershed wide permits (WWWDRs).
2) THPs that were given "interim enrollment" during the stay. Logging in these THPs was not necessarily completed because the court revoked the interim enrollments a few months later.

These THPs will have to go through the full permitting/enrollment process as the other THPs that have never been permitted. The "automatically grandfathered" language in the permit is somewhat misleading.


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