Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Brush Up" # 01-06-001 Old Growth Clearcutting Plan Approved

One of Pacific Lumbers old growth logging plans in Bear River has been approved by the California Department of Forestry according to CDFs website. This plan will eliminate at least 13.9 acres of ancient Douglas Fir forest growing on extremely steep hillsides above Bear River. The plan calls for the 59.4 acres on the steep north face of Rainbow Ridge to be clearcut and then burned or sprayed with herbicides. There are two other Pacific Lumber old-growth logging plans in Bear River currently under review and another plan that was returned due to some unexplained inadequacy.

The picture above shows "unit 3" of the plan. The area above the red line is to be cut and the area below is the watercourse buffer zone. You can see that this will expand the clearcut on the right to a much larger area. This process will likely continue in the future to include the forested areas on the left. The old growth can be recognized as the trees that cast larger shadows and create an uneven looking texture. This is due to the multi layered canopy of ancient forests. The smooth texture reveals younger dense stands of hardwoods and firs. You can click on the picture for a much larger view.


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