Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Approved Old Growth Logging in Elk River Under New Permits

The Situation
Now that Pacific Lumber has their new Waste Discharge Permits they can go ahead and log in Freshwater and Elk River. They are more limited in the quantity of logging but will still be logging Old Growth Redwoods in these areas. Since the company is restricted to logging a lower amount of acres they will likely cut the most profitable trees (the big ones) in any given logging plan and leave other areas for some future date. Clearcutting will probably be the logging method of choice in these watersheds due to the lack of incentive for PL to selectivly log.

Pacific Lumber wanted to start operations on the plans with priority levels 0 and 1 on May 9th. Priority 2 THPs by May 22nd and priority 3 THPs by June 7th or within 10 days of plan approval.

A look at three of the approved Elk River logging plans;

Turkey Foot- Priority Level 0
#00-259 East of the North Fork Elk Marbled Murrelet Conservation Area. Contains some residual Old Growth Redwoods. Was “grandfathered” in which means it was approved before a certain date (that I currently can't recall).

Turkeyback Thin- Priority Level 3
#01-004 Adjacent to North Fork Elk MMCA. May contain residual Old Growth Redwoods.

Below15 Thin- Priority Level 1
#02-005 North of Elkheart Complex covering relatively large area of residual Old Growth Redwoods


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