Monday, May 22, 2006

2nd Bear River Clearcutting Plan Approved

The Timber Harvest Plan "PC Road" #1-05-237 has been approved. Out of four new logging plans proposed by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber in Bear River, two have been approved. At least 24 acres in the approved plans are Old Growth Forest. All of the plans contain varying amounts of Ancient Douglas Fir, Oak and Madrones.

Pacific Lumber sometimes waits to log until all or most of the plans in a given area have been approved. That way logging can happen simultaneously or in quick succession. They could however begin cutting an approved plan any time once they notify CDF of start of operations (which they havn't done yet for the Bear River plans).

The two plans still awaiting approval are "Mas Patron" 1-06-036 and "Rock/Chadbourne" 1-06-037, both of which contain old-growth Douglas Fir and hardwoods like Madrone and Tan Oak. There are at least 20 acres of ancient forest in unit 7 of "Mas Patron" alone and more in the rest of that 134.3 acre logging plan. The forest in the Rock/Chadbourne plan area is mixed second growth around 50 years old and Residual Old Growth up to 100 years old. The age of old growth trees is often underestimated in Pacific Lumber logging plans.

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