Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Volunteers Locate Sonoma Red Tree Vole Nests in Windmill Logging PLan

A comment letter sent to CDf about the Windmill logging plan details the results of extensive independent surveys. During these surveys, folks discovered numerous Sonoma Red Tree Vole nests. They also found what they describe as a large birds nest and that they witnessed a large bird landing in the nest. They couldn't confirm what species they saw but said it was not a turkey vulture due to its head being feathered. They said it may have been a Golden Eagle or Osprey. They made a map of some of the locations as well as providing GPS coordinates of the nests. They wrapped "Caution" tape around trees they found to be occupied by the voles. The surveys were done by looking for the uneaten portions of fir needles and stems that the voles drop to the ground. They also saw suspected vole nests in the trees.
They requested that government surveyors visit the large bird nest to identify the species.
The logging plan requires that loggers survey for the voles before they cut and that they aren't supposed to cut trees with vole nests in the watercourse protection zone... as if.


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