Monday, April 10, 2006

Threatened Oldgrowth In Harmonica Creek, Bear River

The three proposed logging plans on Pacific Lumber holdings in Bear River cover 303 acres. PL claims that there are only 24 or so acres of oldgrowth forest in these plans but the actual amount is likely to be much higher. One of the plans, "Mas Patron" (plan # 1-06-036), did not contain the usual "Late Seral/Oldgrowth" map. This map shows the location of mature forests and oldgrowth and is supposed to be included in every logging plan PL submits. The company says that there are trees up to 300 years old throughout the Mas Patron logging plan but they also say that the amount of oldgrowth acreage in the Bear River drainage will not be changed by logging. Of the 134 acres in the Mas Patron logging plan, 127.5 acres are proposed for clearcutting.
These pictures were taken in "unit 7" of the Mas Patron plan. The unit encroaches into the oldgrowth stand known as Harmonica Grove where a pair of spotted owls take refuge and raise their young. Though the nest tree is outside of the clearcut boundary, the owls need an intact area of forest where they can be safe from predators like Barred Owls and Great Horned Owls. This area has the highest concentration of ancient trees in the plan. There are oldgrowth Douglas Fir, Madrone and Oak trees all over the proposed 22.7 acre clearcut.

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Note: Any Timber Harvest Plan (THP) can be commented on once it has been filed (usually days after it has been submitted by th company. The Research Links in the sidecolumn can provide more information on logging plans, their status and location. I hope to write a post soon about researching these plans.

The more people comment on these plans, the longer they will have to be reviewed. Every concern must be at least be addressed by CDF. If you wish to write a public comment letter you can send it to-


California Department of Forestry
attn. forest practice
135 Ridgeway Ave.
Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401


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