Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Major Waste Discharge Permit Hearing April 24th-25th (revised)

Flooding in Elk River
photo credit: Salmon-Forever.org

Its been over a year since the State Water Board stopped all of Pacific Lumbers logging in the heavily damaged Elk River and Freshwater watersheds. Residents here have faced increased flooding and many blame the widespread liquidation logging and road building done by Pacific Lumber (PL). PL owned by Charles Hurwitz of Houston, Texas. Hurwitz, a corporate raider and buddy of Tom Delay, is liquidating PL assets by logging as fast as possible and now selling the land.

PL is unable to log until new waste discharge permits are created to supposedly address the needs of the watersheds. In this case, waste discharge comes in the form of silt carried down from logging induced disturbances like landslides and debris torrents. The approval of waste discharge permits would allow PL to proceed with their destuctive logging plans which includes multiple Old Growth Redwood groves in Elk River.

Pacific Lumber has at several old growth redwood logging plans in the Elk River Watershed. One of these plans is located in a stand known as Elkheart. Elkheart likely contains the highest quality unprotected Marbled Murrelet habitat remaining on PL holdings following the logging of most of the Nanning creek grove. Expert biologists have declared that the murrelets in our area face an 80% chance of extinction by 2060 and 100% chance of extinction by 2104 taking into consideration the continued destruction of their old growth forest habitat. Three of the logging plans have not yet been approved but could be soon. More info on this asap.

You can read more about murrelets in a past article from saf.

Here are the dates for the hearings

..."in the Matter of Waste Discharge Requirements for Timber Harvesting Plan Activities Conducted by Scotia Pacific Company, Salmon Creek Corporation, and the Pacific Lumber Company in the Elk River and Freshwater Creek Watersheds"


April 24-25, 2006 Meeting
Veterans Memorial Building
10th and H Streets
Eureka, CA

Start Times:
April 24 - 10:00 AM
April 25 - 8:30 AM

The final meeting will be held on-

May 8, 2006 Meeting
Fountaingrove Inn and Conference Center
Camelot Room
101 Foutaingrove Parkway
Santa Rosa, CA

Start Time: 9:00 AM

click below to see the agenda
Hearing Agenda


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