Tuesday, March 28, 2006

PLs "Brush Up" Oldgrowth Clearcutting Plan In Bear River Could Be Approved April 24th-Public Comment Period Still Open

"Brush Up", one of Pacific Lumbers new oldgrowth logging plans in Bear River is up for "second review" on Thursday, March 30th. Public comment period will end about 10 days after that. After public comment closes it will probably be around 15 days at the earliest that CDF could approve it as long as things go smoothly.

The plan covers 113.8 acres located on the steep north face of Rainbow Ridge. 14 acres of Oldgrowth Douglas Fir will be clearcut and then burned or sprayed with herbicides if this plan goes unchallenged.
A similiar plan called "PC Road"is proposed just a few miles away next to Peaked Creek, also in Bear River. Together these plans propose 87.6 acres of clearcutting on these steep, landslide prone slopes.
Unit 3 stops 500 ft. from the nest of a Northern Spotted Owl pair. Logging has shrunken the owls habitat piece by piece, Thanks to PLs decievingly named "Habitat Conservation Plan" granted by state and federal agencies in 1999 they are allowed to encroach further into the owls habitat than before.
The Brush Up plan also includes over a mile of proposed roadbuilding. One section of road leads away from the logging and towards other stands. The road will likely be used to access other stands in the future. Included in the plan is a map showing a proposed road from a previous logging plan that was never constructed.This road would drop over 1,300 ft. in elevation and cross the river, connecting to the main haul road there. This road is not shown on any other proposed road map in the plan.
PL proposes to " broadcast burn", aka napalm, the entire logging area.

Some of the units are direcly adjacent to existing clearcuts logged a few years ago. In the picture above you can see the edge of unit 3 of "Brush Up".

Contrary to what I first reported, word has it from surveyors that there is no oldgrowth in the new Monument Creek logging plan near Scotia.

(A note on comment letters: because of the nature of government agencies it is necessary to write individual letters for different logging plans even if they are near each other.)

Technical info.:
plan # 1-05-237 "PC Road"
clearcut 55 acres
selection 0.8
no harvest buffers 11.4

plan # 1-06-001 "Brush Up"
clearcut 55 acres
selection 0.3
right of way (road buliding) 4.1
no harvest buffers 54.4

you can send public comment to CDF at;



California Department of Forestry
attn. forest practice
135 Ridgeway Ave.
Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401


At 3/30/2006 01:40:00 PM, Anonymous Sheila Z said...

Thank you for this website and the info.. I will pass it on...
I have been writing letters.... thank you for putting up the blog!

At 3/30/2006 05:42:00 PM, Blogger saf said...

Thanks for the moral support, its great to know that this information is getting out and that people are taking steps to question the exploitation of these wild places.


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