Tuesday, February 14, 2006

PL Puts 3,795 Acres Up For Sale in the Mattole

This won't be news to many in Humboldt but...
According to the Humboldt Watershed Council, Pacific Lumber has put 14,631 acres on the market for sale, and credible sources say an additional 60,000 acres is up for auction to other timber companies. Pacific Lumber admits about 60,000 acres is up for sale.
By all accounts a 3,795 acre area in the Mattole watershed is included in the land that is now for sale. Known as the Hartman Ranch, this area is mostly covered in second and third growth douglas fir and hardwood forest with some large meadows on the ridges. There are also some scattered groves of larger trees. Landscape features include McGinnis Creek, Pritchard Creek and Burgess Ridge. Sattelite photos show some areas that were heavily logged within the past few years and judging by the brown hue of the remaining foliage in some areas it was probably treated with herbicides as well.


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